pneumatic actuator

In the process of use, AT pneumatic actuator is subject to failure. So what is the cause of the failure of AT pneumatic actuator? What is the specific overhaul method?

  1. AT pneumatic actuator’s action direction is not controlled by the input signal

Fault judgment and overhaul process: first check the two current-limiting resistors and phase shift capacitors are not abnormal. Then check the motor winding resistance value with a multimeter, and found the motor resistance value of 1.45MΩ (and changes from time to time), indicating that the motor winding is not right. The final solution is to replace the motor (PSQ200).

  1. The failure phenomenon: On the scene as long as the AC220V power supply is, the protection switch immediately actuates (trip). AT pneumatic actuator serving put insurance has been burned

Fault diagnosis and maintenance process: first of all, use the multimeter to detect the motor winding on the AT pneumatic actuator, found that the resistance of the motor winding tends to zero, indicating that the motor has been short-circuited. And then detect the resistance of both ends of the holding brake, the resistance tends to infinity, indicating that the holding brake has been bad. The normal should be about 1.45K. The treatment is to replace the new holding brake and motor put the fuse of the service plate on, re-commissioning, and restore normal operation.

  1. The failure phenomenon: no matter what signal the site to the motor does not act.

Fault diagnosis and overhaul process: directly between the motor winding energized, the motor does not pass, holding brake removed energized motor still does not turn, detection of motor winding resistance are normal, hand wheel shaking AT pneumatic actuator action is normal. The results of the test are normal as the motor does not turn when energized, at this time suspect the motor rotor, the motor disassembled, found that the rotor can not be unscrewed by hand, and the original rotor and motor end cover between a layer of solid ash, the layer of ash removed, plus a little lubricant, can be unscrewed by hand. Re-install the motor and AT pneumatic actuator with the installation, the power is normal, re-commissioning.