pneumatic actuator

In the process of installing AT pneumatic actuator, we must know the installation steps of AT pneumatic actuator. Here’s a look to understand it.

  1. The pneumatic actuator can be installed directly with the valves, but also through the bracket and joint for installation coupling. Coupling fasteners must not be loose.
  2. To ensure the coaxially of the actuator output shaft and valve stem installation, and flexible rotation, no crawling phenomenon.
  3. Connecting pipes, joints, accessories, etc. should be clean.
  4. The solenoid valve exhaust port is always down, when up or horizontal, should be connected to the elbow so that the exhaust port is down.
  5. Before commissioning should confirm that the air pipeline is smooth, air pressure, voltage, signal, etc. meet the requirements.
  6. Compressed air should be filtered, dry, and dew point -15 ° C below to dehumidify.
  7. The solenoid valve should be opened to the automatic position during commissioning.
  8. Pneumatic actuator operation should be disconnected from the manual device, and manual operation should be disconnected from the pneumatic device.
  9. All kinds of accessories installed on the actuator should be respectively referred to in the instruction manual for commissioning.
  10. Check once a month under normal working conditions and overhaul once a year.