Pneumatic actuator accessories, such as solenoid valves, limit switches, and electric positioners, are integral components that enhance the functionality, control, and reliability of your pneumatic actuator system.

  1. Solenoid Valves: A solenoid valve is a vital accessory for a pneumatic actuator. It’s an electromechanically operated valve that controls the flow of air to the actuator. When energized, the solenoid valve opens, allowing compressed air to flow into the actuator. Conversely, when de-energized, it closes, stopping the flow. This precise control of airflow allows for accurate control over the actuator’s operation, enabling it to open, close, or modulate a valve with high precision.
  2. Limit Switches: Limit switches provide essential feedback about the position of the valve, enhancing the overall control of the actuator system. When the actuator reaches a specified point in its stroke, it triggers the limit switch, which in turn sends a signal to the control system. This feedback mechanism ensures that the valve has reached its fully open or fully closed position, providing an additional layer of safety and accuracy within the system.
  3. Electric Pneumatic Positioners: An electric positioner is a sophisticated device used to control the position of a valve accurately. It receives a control signal from a process controller (such as a PLC or DCS) and adjusts the pneumatic input to the actuator to control the valve’s position accordingly. The use of an electric positioner allows for more precise control over the valve position, making it ideal for applications requiring variable flow rates or precise process control.

As a global leader in valve manufacturing, we incorporate these accessories into our pneumatic actuators to optimize their functionality and performance. Our accessories are manufactured to the same exacting standards as our actuators, ensuring they work seamlessly together to deliver superior control and reliability

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