POQ Explosion proof electric actuator

Torque: 50Nm-6000NM
Control: ON-OFF type、Regulation type
Control signal: 4-20 mADC、0-5 VDC、0-10 VDC
Power: 12 VDC,24 VAC,24 VDC,220 VAC,120 VAC,380 VAC 50/60 Hz ±10%
Environment temp : -25℃ ~ 70
Related humidity : ≤90% (25℃)



    POQ ATEX Explosion proof valve electric actuator

    POQ ATEX Explosion-Proof Valve Electric Actuator, a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the valve manufacturing industry. This product is an embodiment of our brand’s confidence and authority, developed with an unwavering commitment to quality control, safety standards, and cutting-edge technology.

    Our POQ ATEX Explosion-Proof Valve Electric Actuator is certified under the stringent ATEX directive 2014/34/EU, ensuring its safe operation even within hazardous environments with a high risk of explosions. Engineered for precision and durability, it offers unparalleled performance in controlling the flow of liquids, gases, and other substances in various industrial settings.

    This actuator is meticulously designed with robust features, including a high-torque motor, corrosion-resistant casing, and advanced sealing technology. These features are not only geared towards enhancing operational efficiency but also towards extending the lifespan of your overall valve system.

    With our global reach and expertise in valve manufacturing, we have ensured that this electric actuator adheres to international standards of quality and safety. It is compatible with a wide range of valve types and sizes, providing extraordinary flexibility for diverse industry applications.

    In summary, the POQ ATEX Explosion-Proof Valve Electric Actuator is more than just a component; it is a strategic investment in safety, efficiency, and long-term operational robustness. Trust in our technical acumen and industry-leading certifications to deliver a product that stands as a benchmark in the valve manufacturing sector.

    POQ ATEX Explosion Proof Valve Electric Actuator – the game-changing solution that elevates safety, efficiency, and performance in industries requiring valve actuators, butterfly valve, and ball valve. Engineered with ATEX certification, our cutting-edge product ensures the highest level of protection in volatile environments, making it an essential addition to your operations.

    Key Features:

    • Exceptional Torque Range: Boasting a 50~6000N.m torque range, the POQ ATEX Explosion Proof Valve Electric Actuator delivers outstanding power and adaptability to suit the unique requirements of each application.
    • Dynamic Switching Time: Experience rapid performance with switching times of 22~185 seconds, enabling you to quickly and effectively control your processes.
    • Advanced Control Method: Enjoy ultimate control with On and off, Modulating type, and Intelligent type options, allowing you to adapt to the varying demands of your industry with ease.
    • Lightweight Design: Ranging from 7.5 KG to 83 KG, the lightweight design ensures effortless installation and reduced strain on your equipment.
    • Superior Protection: The standard IP67 protection ensures reliable performance in harsh environments, with optional IP68 and ExdⅡ CT5 available for applications with increased protection requirements.
    • Universal Mounting Flange (ISO 5211): For your convenience, we offer an array of mounting flange options, including F05/F07/F10/F12/F14/F16.
    • Enhanced Signal Compatibility: The POQ ATEX Explosion Proof Valve Electric Actuator caters to diverse applications with a range of signal options. On-off type actuators include fully open & fully close passive contact (2A 250VAC), while modulating type offers 4-20mA (std configuration), 0-10V & 2-10V (optional).
    • User-friendly Local Control Unit: Effortlessly manage your system with our easy-to-use local control knob of open/close/stop and switch knob of close control remote control/prohibit control (non-intrusive).

    Why Choose the POQ ATEX Explosion Proof Valve Electric Actuator?

    When it comes to performance, safety, and convenience, our explosion-proof electric actuator stands unrivaled in the market. Integrating seamlessly with both electric butterfly valves and electric ball valves, this state-of-the-art product provides unparalleled value.

    By choosing the POQ ATEX Explosion Proof Valve Electric Actuator, you’re not only investing in cutting-edge technology, but also safeguarding your operations, personnel, and assets with ATEX-certified explosion protection.

    Elevate your operations and experience the unsurpassed benefits of choosing the POQ ATEX Explosion Proof Valve Electric Actuator. Don’t compromise – stay ahead of the competition with a product that’s engineered for performance, safety, and versatility. Invest in the ultimate solution for your valve actuation needs today!

    Performance Parmeter

    Model Torque Time Shaft Power Rated Current(A) Weight
    single phase three phases
    N·M 90° mm W 110V 220V 380V 440V Kg
    POQ-005 50 18/22 Φ20 20 1.10/0.95 0.55/0.54 0.3/0.3 N/A 7.5
    POQ-008 80 18/22 Φ20 20 1.10/0.95 0.55/0.54 0.3/0.3 N/A 7.5
    POQ-010 100 18/22 Φ20 20 1.10/0.95 0.55/0.54 0.3/0.3 N/A 7.5
    POQ-015 150 21/25 Φ20 40 1.65/1.67 0.88/0.84 0.31/0.31 0.30/0.31 17.3
    POQ-020 200 21/25 Φ20 40 1.67/1.67 0.89/0.85 0.31/0.31 0.30/0.31 17.3
    POQ-030 300 26/31 Φ32 90 1.85/1.86 0.92/0.92 0.35/0.35 0.34/0.34 22
    POQ-050 500 26/31 Φ32 120 3.60/3.62 1.55/1.58 0.59/0.59 0.58/0.58 23
    POQ-060 600 26/31 Φ32 120 3.65/3.62 1.60/2.20 0.60/0.59 0.59/0.58 23
    POQ-080 800 31/37 Φ40 180 4.10/4.10 2.15/2.20 0.85/0.85 0.79/0.79 29
    POQ-0120 1200 31/37 Φ40 180 4.20/4.10 2.35/2.30 0.87/0.87 0.81/0.81 29
    POQ-0150 1500 78/93 Φ40 120 3.65/3.62 1.60/2.20 0.60/0.59 0.59/0.58 77
    POQ-0200 2000 93/112 Φ40 180 4.10/4.10 2.15/2.20 0.85/0.85 0.79/0.79 83
    POQ-0300 3000 93/112 Φ40 180 4.20/4.10 2.35/2.30 0.87/0.87 0.81/0.81 83
    POQ-0400 4000 155/185 Φ40 180 4.20/4.10 2.35/2.30 0.87/0.87 0.81/0.81 83
    POQ-0500 5000 155/185 Φ40 180 4.20/4.10 2.35/2.30 0.87/0.87 0.81/0.81 83
    POQ-0600 6000 155/185 Φ40 180 4.20/4.10 2.35/2.30 0.87/0.87 0.81/0.81 83

    Standard Specification

    Shell Enclosure :IP67,NEMA4, Exd II CT5
    Power 220VAC/1ph,110VAC/1ph, 380V/440V/3ph,50/60Hz, ±10%
    Motor Asynchronous motor
    Limit switch 2×Open/ Close, SPDT,250VAC 10A
    Auxiliary limit switch 2×Open/ Close, SPDT,250VAC 10A
    Torque switch Close/Open, each 1, SPDT,250VAC 10A Except POQ-005/008/010
    Travel 90°±10° 0°~270°
    Fail safe/
    Operating temperature
    Internal-placed thermal protection, Open 120℃ ±5℃/Close 97℃ ± 5℃
    Indicator Continuous position indicator
    Manual operate Declutching mechanism, operate by handwheel
    Self-locking device Self-locking by worm and worm gear
    Mechanical limit 2 × external adjustable stopper
    Space heater 30W(110V/220VAC)
    Conduit entry 2 × PT 3/4”
    Ambient temperature -25℃~+70℃(-30℃、-40℃、-60℃ optional)
    Lubrication Grease moly(EP type)
    Material Steel, Aluminum
    Ambient humidity Max 90%RH Non-Condensing
    Anti-vibration X Y Z 10g,0.2~34 Hz,30 minutes
    External coating Dry powder, Epoxy polyester,high anti-corrosion

    Option Specification

    No. Option scheme
    1 Explosion-proof actuator(Exd ⅡCT5)
    2 Potentiometer unit(1K-10K)
    3 Proportion control unit (control signal 4-20mA DC/1-5V/1-10V)
    4 Local control units (local control open/stop/close optional switch, local/remote switch)
    5 Travel 120°, 180°,270°
    6 Direct current motor(24VDC)
    7 Water-proof actuator (IP68,10M,250HR)
    8 Reverse electromagnetic control and transmission integrated motor starter
    9 Torque switch (SPDT× 2  250VAC 10A)  Except POQ-005/008/010
    10 Electric current position sensor (output 4-20mA DC)
    11 High temperature resistance actuator (-10℃~+100℃)
    12 Low temperature resistance actuator (-60℃~+30℃)
    13 Low speed actuator
    14 Bus-control unit