POE series Electric actuator 20-6000NM

Torque: 20Nm-6000NM
Control: ON-OFF type、Regulation type
Control signal: 4-20 mADC、0-5 VDC、0-10 VDC
Power: 12 VDC,24 VAC,24 VDC,220 VAC,120 VAC,380 VAC 50/60 Hz ±10%
Environment temp : -25℃ ~ 70
Related humidity : ≤90% (25℃)



Torque :20~6000N.m
Working time:20~200 S
Ambient temperature:-20℃~+70℃
Control:On-off / modulating type/ Intelligent type
Voltage:AC110~265V , AC / DC 24V Multi voltage input
Single phase: AC220V / AC110V / AC24V / DC24V
Applicable valve : Ball Valve (DN15-DN200); Butterfly Valve (DN25-DN600)
Bottom standard: ISO5211
Material of Actuator Body: Aluminium Alloy

  1. Compact design:Small, light and compact design, high torque and various control option will meet your specific requirement.
  2. Firm corrosion-resistant housing: The shell is made of aluminum alloy, with anodic oxidation treatment and polyester powder coating. It is strong corrosion-resistant and enclosure IP67,NEMA 4 and 6
  3. Wide torque range:20Nm-6000Nm.
  4. Circuit:Controlling circuit meets the single-phase or three-phase power supply standard, circuit layout is reasonable and compact, terminals meet various of additional functional requirements effectively.

Performance Parmeter

Model Torque
Rated current
POE-02 20 15 11*11 5W 0.12A 0.82KG
POE-05 50 30 11*11 10W 0.24A 2.4KG
POE-10 100 30 14*14 23W 0.32A 4.2KG
POE-20 200 30 17*17 40W 0.48A 7.2KG
POE-40 400 30 17*17 60W 0.48A 7.2KG
POE-50 500 30 22*22 90W 0.92A 8.0KG
POE-60 600 30 22*22 90W 0.92A 8.0KG
POE-100 1000 60 27*27 100W 1.2A 11.5KG
POE-200 2000 100 27*27 100W 1.2A 11.5KG
POE-400 4000 100 36*36 250W 2.2KG 34KG
POE-600 6000 120 36*36 250W 2.2KG 34KG
Shell Aluminum alloy Shell, Enclosure:IP67
Power 220VAC/1ph,110VAC/1ph, 380V/440V/3ph,50/60Hz, ±10%
Motor Squirrel-cage asynchronous motor
Limit switch 2×Open/ Close, SPDT,250VAC 10A
Auxiliary limit switch 2×Open/ Close, SPDT,250VAC 10A
Travel 90°~270°±10°(Please specify in advance if over 90°) 0°~270°
Fail safe/
Operating temperature
Internal-placed thermal protection, Open 120℃ ±5℃/Close 97℃ ± 5℃
Indicator Continuous situation indication
Manual operation Mechanical handle(Handwheel is optional )
Self-locking device Self-locking by worm and worm gear
Mechanical limit 2 x external adjustable stopper
Space heater 30W (110/220VAC) Anti-condensation
Conduit entries 2 Pieces M20*1.5 (POE-02 except)
Ambient temperature -25℃~+70℃(-30℃、-40℃、-60℃ optional)
Lubrication Grease moly(EP type)
Material Steel, Aluminum alloy
Ambient humidity Max 90% RH Non-Condensing
Anti-vibration X Y Z 10g,0.2~34 Hz,30 minutes
External coating Dry powder, Epoxy polyester

Option Specification

No. Option scheme
1 Heater
2 Water-proof actuator(IP68,10M,250HR)
3 Potentionmeter unit(1k-10k)
4 Proportion control unit(Control signal 4-20mA DC/1-5V/10V)
5 Local control units (Local control open/stop/close optional switch, local/remote switch)
6 Travel 120°, 180°,270°
7 Direct current motor(24VDC)
8 Electric current position sensor (Output 4-20mA DC)
9 Self-reset when power failure
10 Quick opening(2.8s,5s,10s,15s)


Actuators Dimensions